God Send is a 2D puzzle-platformer set in a cartoon re-imagining of Ancient Greece. The player takes control of Hermes, messenger of the gods, and uses a dash mechanic to traverse obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. This was the first game project that I worked on that got published to the Google Play store, and has been downloaded over 500 times. I really enjoyed making this game and I’m really proud of the puzzles, especially watching people figure them out.

My Contribution to this Project

  • Designed and built all 24 levels and all puzzles using Ogmo Editor. Placed all collectibles, enemies, and environmental pieces to create the game.

  • Each level started as a sentence in my planning document, then a sketch on paper, then put in the editor using modular pieces created by artists.

  • Once playable, I got as much feedback as possible and iterated until the feedback was positive

  • Created puzzles using the game’s systems e.g. tactically using the Medusa enemy to petrify enemies that are used in puzzles or combining movable blocks with conveyor belts

    -Wrote the in game flavor text during loading screens and on some of the unlock-able items

  • Ordered the levels so that the player had a smooth experience and difficulty curve through the game

  • Contributed to the writing and recording of the game’s dialogue

  • Ensured a consistency in the behaviour of in-game objects to make them easier to understand

  • Re-designed certain sections after feedback

  • Fixed bugs 


Platform: Android

Tools Used: Ogmo Editor, Visual Studio

Duration: 3 months

Team Size: 11

My Role: Designer, Level Designer