Angry Birds Transformers is a 2D run-n-gun title that mixes two huge IPs. Players tap the screen and shoot enemies, transform and dodge obstacles, and customize their Transformers with buffs and cosmetic items. This was an amazing experience as I was in a large studio working with two huge IPs.

My Contribution to this Project

  • Wrote the Character Bios for the following Transformers characters: Starscream, Skywarp, Sunstorm, Deadend, Drift and Ricochet, adhering to the comic style in keeping with the game
  • Researched the user-bases of both Angry Birds and Transformers in order to create the character bios
  • Used XML to place VFX objects onto the Unicron boss fight, set to appear as his health drops
  • Created Player Rank names
  • Defined which characters were usable during certain Live Events using XML
  • Set which of the Energonicon powerups were available during Live Events, again with XML


Platform:  Android, iOS

Tools Used: XGS,  Notepad++/XML, Google Docs

Duration: 3 months

Team Size: 10

My Role: Intern Designer