Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a story-driven 2D platformer in which players use words as tools to solve puzzles and traverse the environment. Taking place in both the pages of a girl’s diary, and the fantasy world she creates for the story she writes, the game delivers an emotional story about loss.

My Contribution to this Project

  • Scripted gameplay sequences using NodeCanvas throughout the game, in both the Diary and Estoria sections
  • Improved the readability of puzzles
  • Edited the placement of game objects and trigger zones to improve the convenience of the player
  • Ensured a consistency in the behaviour of in-game objects to make them easier to understand
  • Re-designed certain sections after feedback
  • Fixed bugs 


Platform: Stadia

Tools Used: Unity, NodeCanvas, Jira, Git, SourceTree, Google Docs

Duration: 12 months

Team Size: 12

My Role: Scripter, Designer