Mekamon is a smartphone-controlled walking robot that battles other robots in augmented reality. The free app which controls the Mekamon features AR games such as a new take on Asteroids and a battle mode. Battle mode features virtual opponents to duel using game mechanics inspired by MOBAs and fighting games, and an online leaderboard system. The battle mode’s mechanics are also used in a multiplayer mode playable with up to four robots.

My Contribution to this Project

  • Designed mechanics for a multiplayer battle system in the Mekamon augmented reality battle mode
  • Balanced the different abilities in the game
  • Constantly tested new mechanics with team members
  • Responded to feedback from multiple user testing sessions
  • Worked to develop a control system which allowed users to focus on the robot instead of their screen
  • Created game mechanic content using scriptable assets
  • Improved the player movement using the Unity editor
  • Used Unity and C# to rapidly prototype ideas
  • Character, Controls, Camera – iterating on control schemes and overall feel e.g input buffering
  • Designed mechanics, wave and difficulty curve for the Mekamon “meteroids” mini-game


Platform: Mobile

Tools Used:Unity, C#, Visual Studio, Google Docs, Git, Jira

Duration: 9 months

Team Size: 12

My Role: Game Designer